So... I hate cooking. Growing up my Pops was the cook of the house and a magnificent one at that. I was spoiled with gourmet home-cooked meals on a regular basis. His idea of a super quick meal for us kiddos was never mac & cheese or hot dogs, but pasta with olive oil and sautéed garlic. Unfortunately I did not pick up on his talents and even though I cook daily, I'm not ecstatic about it... ever. One thing I DO thoroughly enjoy is crafting cocktails. I don't mind spending a ridiculous amount of time creating a delicious, pretty drink. I've been known to create a cocktail of the day on vacations because let's face it, every vacation day must have a happy hour! I must admit these cocktails I create are not my own recipes- I leave that to the professionals. Lucky for you though, I have sifted through tons recipes and have gathered a handful of my favorite seasonal cocktails for fall. These recipes are sure to get you feeling festive about the falling leaves and crisp air among us! Links to recipes are below!